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Meet Our Chef - Jeremy McKinnon

One of my earliest memories of cooking was the warm, sweet smell of my grandma’s donuts fresh out of the fryer and being tossed in sugar. My grandparent’s home was always filled with delicious food prepared lovingly by hand.

In fact, a great deal of my culinary inspiration comes from my grandparents and my mom. I remember in the fall they would pickle and preserve fruits and vegetables collected fresh from the garden. I still recall the sweet peach jams and savory pickled beets and pickled hot pepper—my grandpa’s favourite. My grandpa also had a smoke house built in his backyard and smoked everything from his homemade sausage to pickerel and perch.

Family gatherings at my grandparent’s home were a regular occurrence and I grew to appreciate fresh, whole foods and the experience of sharing a good meal with those you love. Today my food reflects my upbringing and I am passionate about creating elegant, hand-crafted dishes using the freshest local ingredients.


Chef Jeremy